Nicole’s Birthday/ Summer Jewelry Giveaway!

Crazy right? In celebration of MY birthday, I am giving away three of the jewelry pieces that have been the most popular among my friends and followers recently! My birthday is one week away (June 30), but the jewelry giveaway contest will actually go on for a full week after my birthday and the winners will be selected on July 7, 2016.

Here are the prizes:

Rose Cut Moonstone Ring

1st Prize: Pear Shaped Rose Cut Moonstone Ring with White Topaz Accent, Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Open Ring

2nd Prize: Sterling Silver “Soutenu” Ring

Sterling Silver Pearl Drop Earrings

3rd Prize: Sterling Silver Pearl Drop Earrings


Because I will most likely be mailing out these items to the winners, this contest is restricted to US addresses/ entries only.  The contest is run through the web service, which selects winners completely at random. If you are the winner of a ring – I will custom make it in your size!

Here are all the ways you can win, and how/ where to enter:

The Jeweler’s Nest Birthday Giveaway


5 thoughts on “Nicole’s Birthday/ Summer Jewelry Giveaway!

  1. Celeste Chretien

    I’ve been wanting to ask Nicole to design a mother/daughter ring, this Soutenu ring would be perfect! Happy Birthday Nicole!

  2. Amy DeSorbo

    So excited to take part in Nicole’s Birthday giveaway.Hope the luck of the Irish is in the Best with me..Jewelers Best that is.


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